Small children possess unlimited curiosity and eagerness to meet more and more new things.

Their interest in the surrounding world, their asking difficult questions make the guardians search for new ideas to satisfy this inquisitiveness. Each day has its own rhythm in our nursery. There is time for talking, painting, drawing, reading tales, dancing, singing songs, eating, resting, playing outdoors in the fresh air and going for a walk. Creating such situations helps the child to satisfy their cognitive curiosity and observe changes, which occur in the surrounding world.

We support emotional, social, cognitive and motor development in our educational work.

We realize activities with the English language – familiarizing with basic vocabulary and melody of words through games, songs and poems.

Group work, through which communicative skills are shaped, is important for us. Moreover, each kiddy has a chance to feel important and be appreciated. We wish to develop child`s self-reliance. We also think that it is important to learn through one`s mistakes, because thanks to it kids learn persistence and shape their willpower.

In Konik na Biegunach we favour above all subjective and individual approach to each child in order to meet their needs and provide for expectations.

In case of any abnormalities, we direct children together with their parents to appropriate specialists. We pay much attention to cooperation not only with specialists but also with parents. We think that when acting together we can achieve better results in education of our offspring. Child`s smile is the biggest reward.

In our facility we employ professional teachers, a nurse and speech therapist, persons possessing knowledge and experience and, above all, passion. Everyday they put a lot of effort to diminish kids` suffering issuing from separation from parents and they ensure that children smile as often as possible. They constantly watch correct development of Your Kiddy.