Żłobek "Konik na biegunach" Staff Anna Matak – owner, director of the nursery, baby-sitter

Anna Matak – owner, director of the nursery, baby-sitter

I am a state registered nurse and a certified educationalist (University of Wrocław). I have a certificate for first aid and a valid health certificate. At present I raise my qualifications at various coursers and symposiums. I have experience in work with children in the hospital air-passage ward. I have a long experience as a manager of human resources. Education of children has been my hobby and a favourite activity for a long time. I am also a mother of two daughters.

I organize activities of the facility and its personnel, I also assist at daily care for children. I deliver professional advice in terms of safety, education and child care.

In education I take advantage of elements of the Maria Montessori method (independence, focus on child individual development, mutual respect) and education through a play based on the Klanz method.

Since a long time I have been fascinated by educational system existing in Sweden, which is based on child`s early participation in culture. Cultural life delivers cognitive virtues and it prepares children better to adult life. It means that children should cry, laugh and experience various emotions, new sensations and realize them. Children dance, paint, sing and take part in theatre performances.

Spoken word, tales, poems and songs play a big role in child development. Our nursery is equipped with plenty of books and each child has daily contact with them

Before a child understands meaning of words, they sense poetry and rhythm emotionally, with senses. We organize contact with books through reading aloud several times a day, we facilitate contact with literature combined with music (rhymes, simple poetry, elements of pantomime). Thanks to the fact that I know English, we also organize activities in this language to make children familiar with it.

Since childhood my favourite literature character has been Pippi Longstocking who, despite her anarchist approach, did not start a wave of mass truancy or other antisocial behaviour of the young readers. Just the opposite, her creativity, courage and warm feelings towards people as well as initiative became the pattern to follow.

I am a person who enjoy contact with children, interaction which stimulates mutual creativity! Fulfillment of parents and children expectations is a priority for me.

Interests: psychological and educational literature, history, cultural conditions, excursions to mountains, skiing, foreign languages.