Żłobek "Konik na biegunach" Staff Miła Mooss – Ukleja – babysitter

Miła Mooss – Ukleja – babysitter

I am graduated of the Pre-school Education Center, major in pre-school education.

For 30 years I have been working with children in educational institutions and individually. Since May 2019. I have been looking after children in the “Konik na biegunach” nursery.

I conduct art classes, speech therapy, Memo classes in Montessori pedagogy. I initiated five senses games in which touch is an important element of anti-stress activities in games with a small child. In art classes in graphomotorics, children train hand-eye-hand coordination, practice precision and perfect manual hand exercises, shape the imagination, and practice fine motor skills that develop motor skills. The exercises help you prepare to learn to write and draw words more precisely. I initiated the “Little Theater” theater education. The child is introduced to the world of magic, art, fairy tales, shapes and enriches the imagination, story-telling, polite forms.

In my work with a small child, I pay special attention to speech therapy prophylaxis using appropriate speech therapy games, which are aimed at obtaining the correct articulation of individual sounds, developing hearing phonemic, developing narrative speech, improving the articulation apparatus, developing the ability to understand verbal statements.In my work, I put special emphasis on the interest of children:sensitivity to natural elements and environmental protection throughthe use of natural, ecological materials for fun, learning and proper the development of a small child. (wood, stone, flour, plastic, shells, sand) and materials from recycling. I try to make children interested in the surrounding world and teach them to respect animals and plants.

Work with children gives me a lot of positive energy, satisfaction and joy. Taking care of a baby makes me happy, content and smile. My main objective of the work is to create a space where children will be safe and happy, they will feel important and needed. The educational process is based on methods and forms of work that are interesting and entertaining for children – I introduce children to the world of nature. I work on natural models available from the environment. Thanks to a variety of games, I try to teach children independence, cooperation and dealing with various emotions. I pay particular attention to health education. I promote a healthy lifestyle, therefore I have always been cycling to work. My hobbies are a long and a small journeys. I dream of taking a dog from a shelter and to meet new friends

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